Suspension Kit - for Razor T5 Retro Kit Only

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Refined Retrofit T5 Lighting
The T5 Razor Light is the smallest and thinnest section that we could create while still holding all of the electronics and ballast within the body of the light.

The Razor T5 bar is ideal for applications requiring the watertight illumination of aquariums and terrariums. The extruded aluminum fixture is watertight and guarantees maximum safety and light output.

Watertight lamp holders and PG adaptors offer hermetic protection for the entire inner electronics. Cooling of the built-in electronic high frequency ballasts is provided by precisely calculated surface structures in the aluminum section.

The high-quality anodized finish of the section provides optimum light reflection and is resistant to aggressive saltwater, while the built-in electronic HF ballasts make for flicker-free operation with immediate startup.