Giesemann Stellar T5 Hybrid Retro Fixture 48"

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Giesemann Stellar 4-Lamp T5 Hybrid LED Retro 48" Fixture
U.S.A. version DOES NOT include a splash shield to increase PAR and heat dissipation.

Looking to combine your favorite LED light module with highly efficient T5 lights in one stylish Giesemann fixture? If so, the Giesemann STELLAR Hybrid T5/LED Light Fixture is the perfect solution for you!

Combining LEDs and T5s offers true full-spectrum lighting as well as an incredible edge-to-edge coverage both arguably key ingredients to proven success for all reef aquariums.

But, finding a lighting fixture that combines your already existing LED lights with T5s while at the same time not compromising the look of the entire tank is very difficult.

The Giesemann STELLAR allows the user to customize T5 around your favorite LED fixtures. This means you can now combine your EcoTech Marine Radion, AquaIlumination Hydra HD, AquaIlumination Prime HD, Giesemann VerVve, and other LED lights with T5s in a modern and sleek fixture that does not compromise the look of your tank or your spouse’s happiness and approval!

The STELLAR features two groups with 2x T5 bulbs powered by a VHO ballasts for excellent output and prolonged lifespan. Each T5 lamp has its own reflector made of the highest quality material on the market. The fixture body is made of high-grade aluminum making it very light and is completely powder-coated in iridium-metallic for a sleek modern look.

Each STELLAR comes with adjustable universal mounting brackets that can accept most LED modules on the market including the EcoTech Radion both in parallel and perpendicular direction, the AI Hydra as well as the Giesemann VerVve.

The Stellar is 48" long and it is just under 20" wide (front to back). The fixture can be upgraded to XL 24in wide to accommodate wider aquariums and perpendicular placement of LED fixtures.

Each Stellar fixture includes:

2x Twin T5 banks
2x Endplates
4 to 6 LED Mounting struts depending on STELLAR model
4x Metric Machine Screws
4x Sheet Metal Screws
4x Square nut for suspension kit
4- square nuts for mounting legs

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90 Days
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