Giesemann Stellar T5 Hybrid Retro Fixture 59"

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Appropriate for Reef Aquariums. Consult the Reef Aquarium Lighting Chart to determine the best light for your aquarium.

This is the latest version of the AquaticLife 36" T5/HO 2X39W Hybrid Light w/ Mounting System for LED Lights. It includes dimmable T5 ballasts (using 3rd party controllers). Plug your aquarium controller into the 3.5mm female jack to take advantage of the DX18 dimming functions down to 2% dimness. The dual-channel jack allows a single line to control both channels of lighting: Channel 1 - for lamps 1 & 4, Channel 2 - for lamps 2 & 3.

Neither the LEDs or the T5 lamps are included.

Included brackets will accommodate: Aqua Illumination Hydra 26 & Hydra 52, EcoTech Radion XR15w, XR30w & Kessil AP700 fixtures. To use with a Kessil A360, you will also need an AquaticLife Hybrid Mounting System 16"/18" Bracket, Rectangular, 7.5" x 5.5" (one for each light). To use with a Kessil A360X, you will need an AquaticLife Hybrid Mounting System 16"/18" Bracket, Rectangular 7.75" x 5.375" (one for each light). For further details on Brackets and End Plates refer to the Hybrid Brochure.

Product Manual
Two 2X39 watt T5/HO Lights connected together (bulbs not included). This light runs four 39W T5 bulbs in total.
Dimmable T5 ballasts
2 - Standard Bracket Sets (for EcoTech, AI or Kessil AP700 light)
Length 36" X Width 18"
Includes hanging hardware. Does NOT include mounting hardware. You can use two of the AquaticLife Universal Light Fixture Hanger For T5/HO LED Hybrid (Single).