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Pharmaceutical Grade Sodium Bicarbonate Aquarium Supplement for Higher pH Systems
Reef Endurance Sodium Bicarbonate is a pharmaceutical-based reef supplement that mixes crystal clear with no unwanted impurities. In reef aquaria, maintaining alkalinity within a range of 8.0-12.0dKH will enable corals and other reef-building invertebrates to grow properly. Sodium Bicarbonate is excellent for aquariums that have a naturally high pH. Unlike soda ash, sodium bicarbonate will have a slight lowering effect on your aquarium's pH. For best results, use in conjunction with Reef Endurance Calcium Carbonate as a two-part solution.

Replenish and maintain alkalinity levels in a reef aquarium with naturally high pH
Resealable Packaging
Mixes Clear
No Residue
Easy 2-Part Dosing

Mixing Instructions:
1gal RO/DI + 1.125 Cups of Sodium Bicarbonate

Fill a one-gallon container half full of RO/DI or distilled water
Add one cup and two tablespoons(302g) of Sodium Bicarbonate to the one-gallon container.
Fill the remainder of the container with RO/DI or distilled water and secure cap.
Shake vigorously and allow to dissolve for 24 hours altogether.

Dosing Instructions:
0.7ml/gallon of Calcium Bicarbonate Solution will raise calcium by approximately 0.5dKH. It is not recommended to raise alkalinity by more than 0.5dKH per day.

Tip: If you are having issues raising your alkalinity levels, check and ensure your aquarium magnesium level is between 1200 and 1350ppm.