Reef Endurance Bulk Phosphate Minus 3lbs

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Pharma Grade Phosphate Reducing Media
Reef Endurance Phosphate Minus is a High-quality phosphate and silica removal media that can be used in a fluidized reactor for fresh or saltwater tanks. Reef Endurance Phosphate Minus is essentially Granular Ferric Oxide (GFO) that has rinsed to remove any fines and debris. In doing so the media is capable of removing close to twice the phosphate as standard GFO by volume.

Dosing Instructions:
We recommend starting with 1.5-6.5tbsp of Phosphate Minus for every 27 gallons of Saltwater into any up-flow reactor or media bag. For freshwater use1.5-6.5tbsp of Phosphate Minus per 54 gallons.

BEFORE USE: Flush media until the water runs clear

After implementing Reef Endurance Phosphate Minus, you should test your phosphate levels for decreasing values. After a few weeks, your tank's phosphate levels will start to rise back up, and that is when the media should be replaced. With different feeding habits and bioloads, the length of time Phosphate Minus should be used will be different for each tank.

Upflow Media Reactor Usage:

Place media in an up-flow media reactor with a flow rate capable of approximately 100gph(400l/hr).

Place the reactors return line into a bucket or sink drain

Turn on the reactor feed pump to flush any dust from the media till the water runs clear

Return your media reactor with media to the appropriate section of your tank's sump.

Adjust the flow through the reactor to ensure that the GFO media barely tumbles on the surface. DO NOT let the media aggressively tumble.

Filter Media Bag usage:
Pour the media into the bag and close securely

Rinse with RO water or place under the faucet until the water runs clear

Place in a high-flow area of your system's filtration