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Reef Octopus Adjustable Skimmer Stand
The Reef Octopus skimmer Stand makes it easy to raise protein skimmers to ideal water levels. Provides an extremely solid platform for the skimmer to rest on. Adjust to 3 heights and available in three models.

Skimmer Stand 1 Footprint: 11"x7.5" | Height Adjustment: 3" / 3.8" / 4.5"
Use with: NWB110, Diablo XS160, SRO/XP/SSS 1000int, SRO/XP 2000sss, 3000sss, XP1000sss, XP2000sss, POV1

Skimmer Stand 2 Footprint: 13"x9" | Height Adjustment: 3" / 3.8" / 4.5"
Use with: NWB150, NWB200, Diablo XS200, SRO/XP 2000int, SRO/XP/SSS 3000int, DCS150int, DCS170int, POV2, POV3

Skimmer Stand 3 Footprint: 17.7"x11" | Height Adjustment: 3" / 3.8" / 4.5"
Use with: NWB250, SRO/XP/SSS 5000int, 6000sss, DCS200int, DCS250int, DCS300int

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