Products on Auction

  • An auction reserve is the Minimum price TSM Aquatics is willing to accept for an item. If you bid below the reserve price, this means that even if you're the highest bidder at the end of the auction, you won't win the item.
  • If you win an auction item, be sure to check out within 24hrs or your order will be cancelled.
  • Click on "My Account", "View Bids", "Winning Auctions", "Buy All" & Then "Buy Now". Don't Forget To Purchase A Shipping Module.
  • Failure to pay for an Auction Item you have bid on and won, could disqualify you from future auctions.
  • No Free Shipping For Auctions.
  • Only 1 module needed for an unlimited number of auctioned corals.
  • Popcorn Bidding - If a bid is placed in the last minute of the auction, the clock is extended an additional 2 minutes to give those outbid a chance to re-bid.
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