Why TSM?

TSM operates a large aquatic super store, with over 6,000 sq. ft of saltwater fish and coral. The facility was built to receive, quarantine, and house the highest quality marine life. 

Here at TSM we understand that the key to a successful aquarium begins with healthy livestock, and we pride ourselves on one of the most comprehensive quarantines in the industry . Upon arrival at our facility, all newly acquired fish receive a series of dips and baths to reduce their initial parasite loads.  Once added to their designated quarantine system, the fish receive their first of three rounds of Praziquantel. Copper is raised to therapeutic level and maintained there for a minimum of 30 days.  Daily testing with laboratory grade equipment ensures that a consistent level of copper is maintained.  While in quarantine, the fish are conditioned to accept readily available frozen food items. Our invertebrates are maintained in fishless systems to reduce the possibility of parasite transmission.  We will not sell any livestock that we know or suspect to be unhealthy.  We maintain our systems and ship our livestock at a salinity of 35ppt. Our knowledgeable team has over 30 years of combined experience working in aquariums.